Fears and phobias

Whether your fear is of heights, flying, spiders, public-speaking, vomit, needles, snakes, solitude, death, open spaces, closed spaces, lifts, public toilets or social situations, hypnotherapy can help you.

Phobias are characterised by excessive or irrational fear and the avoidance of the object or situation concerned. They usually stem from an event in childhood when the child did not have the resources to cope with a certain situation. They can also be a learned behaviour pattern (from a parent or sibling for example). Hypnotherapy has a proven record in successfully treating fears and phobias.

Social phobia

Social phobia is a fear of situations that involve interaction with other people. There is usually a fear of public humiliation, embarrassment or being judged.Triggers can include dealing with people in authority, meeting people of the opposite sex, not knowing what to say to someone you do not know, having to make a speech, being the centre of attention, etc. Social phobia can cause great anxiety and isolation.

Treatment length

Simple phobias can sometimes be resolved permanently in as little as one session. For more complex phobias or phobias with panic attacks, it can take longer.


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